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PLEASE NOTE: This page contains information for domestic undergraduate students and students with a permanent resident card. If you are an international student who has a visa rather than a permanent resident card, or if you have applied for but not received your permanent resident card, please contact the International Student Office instead.

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Admission Requirements

Transfer Admission

A transfer student must:



Students transferring should submit an application and official transcript(s) from each college attended, regardless of whether credit was earned or transferable. Transcripts must be mailed directly from the college/university to Louisiana Tech. Students who fail to acknowledge attendance at any college or university in which they have been registered are subject to having their admission canceled or, if enrolled, to being dismissed from Louisiana Tech University. Evaluations concerning probation, suspension, grades, grade point average, hours pursued and earned are based on Tech standards, regardless of prior determinations at the other institutions attended.

No student will be admitted if under scholastic or disciplinary suspension from another college or university. A suspended student will not be considered for admission until the time interval of suspension has elapsed; where such interval is not clearly defined, it will equal a period comparable to rules in place at Tech.

A maximum of 60 semester hours from a junior college or community college may be applied toward a bachelor's degree at Louisiana Tech. Normally, only courses taught at the freshman/sophomore level at Louisiana Tech will be accepted from a junior/community college toward a Louisiana Tech degree.


Applicants for readmission to Louisiana Tech must complete an application for admission when the student has not been enrolled for one or more quarters (except for the Summer Quarter). Previously enrolled students who are out for one quarter only (except Summer Quarter) must submit a one-page readmission form in order to be eligible to register.

Readmission students who have attended another college/university since they were last enrolled at Louisiana Tech must submit an official transcript from each college/university. Transcripts must be mailed directly form the college/university to Louisiana Tech. If the required transcripts are not received by the end of the first admitted quarter, the student will not be permitted to attend subsequent quarters. If the required transcripts are submitted and the student is determined to have been ineligible for readmission, no credit will be awarded for that quarter. Official Louisiana Tech academic transcripts will not be provided to any student with incomplete readmission records.

Academic Renewal

Undergraduate students who have dropped out or have been suspended because of poor academic performance may request to start over with the status of an entering freshman at Louisiana Tech University under the provisions of academic renewal.

Transfer Credit

The following link will provide articulation agreements between Louisiana Tech University and other Louisiana colleges and universities. When you click the link, select "Master Course Articulation Matrix" for the appropriate year.

It is important that you note any asterisks, double asterisks, and/or end notes that may be associated with a course, as these will help determine whether the course in question will be accepted as equivalent.

Louisiana Tech University also offers the Transfer Evaluation System to its students to provide students with an up-to-date library of all of our established equivalencies from institutions that we have previously received transfer credit. Please note that your department is responsible for accepting all transfer credits towards your curriculum. If you have any questions regarding transferable credits please call Ryan Kavanaugh in the Office of Admissions at 318-257-3036.

College Catalog

Louisiana Tech's Course Catalog includes a list of courses required for each major, course descriptions and more.

General Education Required Courses (GER)

All majors require 45 credit hours of general knowledge courses. You can view and overview of the general education requirements as well as major-specific requirements (listed by college) by clicking the links below.

Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees (AALT/ASLT)

The Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer degree (ASLT) and the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer degree (AALT) are specifically designed for students who wish to start at a Louisiana community college, earn an associate degree and then "block transfer" that degree to a 4-year university for the purpose of obtaining a bachelor's degree. Students who possess a Louisiana Transfer associate degree are automatically admissible to Louisiana Tech University.

Students should consult with an advisor at the community college from which they plan to transfer to Louisiana Tech University. An advisor can help identify which courses are equivalent to the courses on the advising templates below. Other helpful resources include the Board of Regents Transfer Equivalency Guide and the listing of General Education required courses (linked above on this page).

For general information questions about these degrees, please contact:

Ryan Kavanaugh

For questions about advising templates, please contact:

Pamela Ford


If you would like to make an appointment or if you have any questions, please call or email anytime. Campus tours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.